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Dare To Dream Grant Program

The Dare to Dream Grant Program encourages students to move through the business creation process by offering business development seminars and up to $10,000 in funding.

Dare To Dream Grant Program

Within the program, students meet deadlines to produce deliverables that guide them through the business development path from a nascent idea to formulating and assessing potential businesses to planning and launching these businesses.

The program has three different stages:

1) The Venture Shaping grant is geared toward students with an idea that they believe holds commercial promise.

2) The Assessment grant is geared toward students with a proposed business;

3) The Integration grant is for teams that have a complete feasibility study that concludes the proposed business is viable.

Students may enter their business into the program at any stage though, once entered, the business cannot re-apply for the same stage nor a stage before it. Applications are accepted each September and January.

Award Amount:
$500 - $10,000

Every September and January



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