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Non-Profit Organization Offers Grants to Companies Providing Cleaner Air for Utah

Utah Clean Air Partnership
Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) is offering $1.3 million in grants through 2015 to small businesses working to improve the qualify of air in the state of Utah. The grant program is called the Assist program and was created to improve the health, economy and overall quality of life for people in Utah.

Businesses who qualify for grants must have fewer than 100 employees. Their work must align with federally mandated air-quality adjustments and improvements to reduce emissions. Programs must demonstrate that they have a measurable impact on lowering the amount of emissions in homes, businesses and in the community.

UCAIR recently awarded more than $350,000 in grants to 13 organizations to fund clean air projects that included education, energy, transportation and home improvements that improve air quality. As UCAIR Director, Ted Wilson, stated, “It took us a lot of years to get into this bad situation, and it’s going to take time to get out.”

The company will be providing more information soon on their web site for small businesses who are interested in applying for grants.

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