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Business Grants Are Real In Nebraska

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development recently awarded nearly $400,000 to support business development and entrepreneurship in the state of Nebraska.

The grant recipients are:

Ho-Chunk Community Development Corporation who received over $107,000 for construction and project oversight for building expansion;

Region V Foundation who received $99,000 to purchase and install a new cooker/mixer and cooling rack truck for a popcorn factory;

Center for Rural Affairs who also received $99,000 to expand a series of small business networking events; and

Nebraska Venture Capital Forum who received $92,000 to conduct new venture competitions whereas entrepreneurs can submit business plans to win cash awards.

These huge grant awards were given to non-profit organizations, who in turn, disbursed funds and resources to actual small business owners. Unlike local government agencies, federal government agencies never give grant money directly to business owners and entrepreneurs.

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