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CNN Elaborates On The Authenticity of Business Grants recently published a very compelling and resourceful article on business grants and funding. Eilene Zimmerman, a contributing writer for CNN Money, advices entrepreneurs to use caution about buying books and software packages that make false promises.

She then makes a very true statement that many people seem to disagree with. She says, "There really are opportunities to land free money from state, county and city governments, as well as private foundations and corporations."

Sadly, the overwhelming influx of grant offers designed to just take people's money has convinced many that all grant opportunities are a waste of time. This is not true, and it's good to have a reputable source like CNN to confirm this.

The article lists several resources where individuals can find grants, and encourages them to inquire within their local governments (city, state, and county).

It also mentions that having a start-up tech company gives you a better chance of getting grant funding from the federal government. There are opportunities for non-tech companies too, but it does require more effort to obtain.

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