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Why You Never Hear About Business Grants

Hundreds of millions of dollars in business grants are given away every single year. Despite this, hearing about an opportunity seems to be very rare. They do exist, but they are promoted very little. Why is this?

The reasons are obvious when you think about it. Business grants are free money. Imagine the overwhelming response that an organization or corporation would get if they publicly announced a business grant. They would be inundated with people from everywhere. Managing the inquiries and applications would be more of a task than managing the actual grants.

To avoid this, a grant opportunity is announced in small circles in order to attract a more targeted, more qualified audience. This way, the process can be ran in a swift orderly manner.

So what does this mean for you?

It means you need to stop waiting for business grant opportunities to appear in your lap. You need to be more aggressive in finding out about the opportunities, and staying in-the-know.

You should regularly attend your local chamber of commerce meetings, regularly check in with your local government offices (city, county, and state), and you should read national and local business publications.

You should also learn to network with people who work in business finance.

Seek and you will find.

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