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Venture Capital and Angel Showcase Comes To NYC

FundingPost, a leading resource for venture capital and angel investor events, is hosting a special showcase in New York City on February 11, 2010. The conference, sponsored by Credit Suisse, gives entrepreneurs a chance to meet and greet with over 20 different firms that offer funding to small businesses.

The investors who attend the event are there to meet small business owners with unique ideas, business plans, and executive summaries. They will each of their own table set up for this purpose.

The concept is called a "Reverse Venture Fair" - where you go up and meet the venture capitalists and investors versus waiting for them to come and meet you. Previous events in California, Massachusetts, Washington DC and Pennsylvania were extremely successful.

According to FundingPost's web site, they are "the single largest venture exchange in the country." They have worked with more "real accredited angel investors, VC firms and entrepreneurs than anyone else."

If interested in attending their next event, visit:

You can also follow them on Twitter @FundingPost

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