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White House Awards First Broadband Stimulus Grants

Nearly 50% of all business grants given away by government agencies are granted to companies who offer innovative services. Government officials, whether local or national, favor giving the funds to companies that can help the environment or enhance the use of technology.

Just this week, the White House handed out millions in funding to companies who specialize in broadband and telecommunications. The funds are to be used for various broadband deployment projects that will help create advanced networks to promote economic development, expand educational opportunities and improve the availability and efficiency of government services.

For instance, some projects will enable telemedicine to come to rural hospitals. Others will help distance learning to come to rural schools.

Specifically, the companies will be deploying regional fiber-optic rings to deliver gigabit broadband speeds, building open access fiber-optic networks, building new segments of fiber-optic middle-mile broadband infrastructure, and adding miles of backbone networks and middle-mile spurs to existing networks.

Pretty high-tech stuff, but if your company offers these services - the government needs you and is willing to pay you very reasonably.

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