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Should You Lie On Your Grant Application?

People are known to tell all kinds of lies when applying for jobs, colleges, loans, and you guessed it - grant money. Lying on such applications is typically done to make the application seem more appealing, and get approved.

However, lying on a grant application is much different.

If you're applying for a government grant, you can actually be guilty of a federal or state crime if you decide to be untruthful in the paperwork. Remember that you're dealing with government money, and the government (especially the federal government) does not like to be cheated out of funding - even though they themselves have bad reputations when it comes to honesty.

If you're applying for a grant funded by a corporation, you may find yourself in a corporate lawsuit if you lie on your application - especially if you get approved. Corporations that distribute grant money are generously giving away money to enhance the local economies and communities, but if it's determined that you were dishonest - they will want their money back.

In both cases, if caught, you would also ruin your future chances of ever getting a grant from that organization. Perhaps, you apply one year and are denied - but may be eligible for next year. Well, if you're caught lying - you'll be immediately disqualified from every applying again.

So, just tell the truth. You don't have to exaggerate details, or tell half-truths. Just be honest. Remember that business grants are usually designed to help struggling businesses anyways, so you don't have to make your situation sound worse than it really is.

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