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BP Awarding $70 Million In Business Grants To Gulf Coast States

BP, the global energy company that's being held responsible for the massive oil spill in the Gulf Coast, has made a very important announcement for local tourism-related business owners. They are awarding $70 million in business grants to the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida.

The purpose of the funding is to promote tourism in the aftermath of the oil spill. This comes in response to the many businesses that have filed suit against BP, hoping they will make good on their pledge to compensate business owners for legitimate claims concerning the loss of revenue.

The grants won't be disbursed to individual business owners, but will be used by the states and their local county tourism commissions to launch effective advertising campaigns. The campaigns will focus on educating and encouraging tourists to visit.

According to Ken Montana of the Harrison County Tourism Commission: "The money will be spent on marketing of tourism and seafood industries to be sure [the affected states] have a successful summer season."

For more details, business owners should check with their local officials.

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