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IBM Pledges $50 Million In Business and Technology Grants

IBM has officially launched the Smarter Cities Challenge - a competitive program that will award $50 million worth of grants towards business and technology to help 100 municipalities across the globe. Teams of IBM experts will provide city leaders with recommendations for successful growth, better delivery of municipal services, more citizen engagement, and improved efficiency.

This new program is the single-largest philanthropic investment currently planned by IBM, which made $186 million USD worth of charitable contributions in 2009, comprising cash, technology, and consulting services.

Over the next three years, IBM will send its top experts to those cities that have made the strongest case for participating in Smarter Cities Challenge. IBM consultants will immerse themselves in local issues involving the administration of business, healthcare, education, safety, social services, transportation, communications, sustainability, budget management, energy, and utilities.

The approximate value of each Smarter Cities Challenge grant will be equivalent to $400,000 USD. Each team will comprise top IBM talent who will bring their unique expertise to the program. The engagement will be conducted in a collaborative, constructive and transparent manner, with IBM team members working alongside leaders from the public, private, and volunteer sectors.

Cities interested in applying for the grant should visit

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