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Canadian Government Releases Ontario Business Grants

Every April, the Canadian government releases several business grant programs for Ontario residents. The funding is available for all small business owners who have been incorporated for at least two years.

One such program is the Canadian Business Grants for Human Resources and Training. This program looks to help businesses in need of young talent in the science and technology fields to help them solve a technical problem or commercialize a new innovation. Up to $25,000 in non-repayable business funding grants towards the graduate’s salary are available.

Another program is the Accelerated Review Process. This is a popular funding mechanism for businesses that need funding for technical problem solving. Funding can be applied to software implementation, productivity improvements, production design or marketing projects. Up to $50,000 in non-repayable Canadian business grants (100% direct labor, 75% sub-contractor costs) are available.

Yet another is the Digital Technology Adoption Program (DTAPP). This program supports the adoption or customization of new technology to increase a businesses’ productivity. Up to $100,000 in Canadian Government grants (80% of direct labour; 50% of sub-contractor fees) are available.

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