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New Hampshire Small Businesses Get Market Research Grants

New Hampshire Office of International Commerce
Small businesses in New Hampshire interested in growing their export business or just considering exporting are eligible for grant money from the New Hampshire Office of International Commerce. The State Trade Export Promotion grant is available for all small businesses and pays for market research costs to investigate potential international countries for their products.

In addition, the grant will also pay for research and background checks on international companies with whom small businesses may be interested in partnering with to expand their business in a particular country. It will also investigate how successful small business products might be in an export country.

Small businesses interested in applying for the grant of $500-$750 must complete their application before the middle of September. The grant is managed by the Small Business Administration and specifically for small businesses interested in exporting.

The New Hampshire Office of International Commerce is part of the Division of Economic Development and functions to administer programs for the promotion of international trade and to develop foreign market activity.

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