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New York Opens Small Business Website

New York Open for Small Business
New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of a new website specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs in New York. The website will provide valuable information to small business owners such as where to find funding and how to locate grants.

The new website, called New York Open for Small Business, is part of the Governor's Small Business Outreach Initiative to help small businesses continue to thrive and grow in New York. Resources to state business assistance programs, tax credit information, and funding incentives will be available on the website.

Small business owners can learn how to work with various state regional economic councils to become eligible for funding as well as grants from state agencies. Funding available includes up to $247 million in direct assistance to businesses as well as workforce development funding and other areas of funding.

Representatives from the departments of state, labor, taxation and finance, among others, have met with small business owners from every region and gained valuable input to help design programs that will benefit them.

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