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Small Business Start-Ups in St. Louis To Receive $1 Million in Arch Grants

Arch Grants
Twenty entrepreneurs in the St. Louis area will each receive a $50,000 business gfunded by a mix of state and local funds and donations from private companies.rant, thanks to Arch Grants second Annual Global Startup Competition. Small businesses from anywhere in the country may apply and can also represent businesses from any industry, as long as their plan is to open or keep their business in St. Louis.

Arch grants are an opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for grant funding and willing to move to St. Louis to enter a grant competition and be one of 20 winners who will receive a $50,000 business grant. In addition to the grant money, winning businesses will also receive marketing and computer service support, legal, accounting and business advice, and investor resources.

The purpose of the Arch grant program is to build successful companies and encourage entrepreneurial business in St. Louis. Businesses must be for-profit and agree to make St. Louis their headquarters. In addition to the grant money, winners will have a chance to win a follow-on grant of $100,000.

Several sponsors make the Arch Grant program possible. They include a mix of state and local funds and donations from private companies. Earlier this year, the first round of grant competition awarded grants to 15 businesses. It has been so successful that the second round has increased the number of grants to 20 businesses. The first round received over 400 applications for the grants. It is expected that the second round will generate over 1,000 applications.

The deadline for applying is January 1, 2013.

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