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Northern Colorado Small Businesses Offered $5,000 Energy Grants

City of Fort Collins UtilitiesSmall business owners located in Fort Collins, upper northern Colorado, are being offered energy grants up to $5,000 by Fort Collins Utilities. Working with the Platte River Power Authority, the city department is offering the grants, along with rebates, to encourage small businesses to participate in energy and water conservation.

The grants are up to $5,000 per business and can be used for improvement projects in lighting, cooling, building upgrades, and improvements to refrigeration, restrooms, laundry and more. Small businesses or non-profits may apply. They must occupy less than 50,000 square feet of business space.

Grant and rebates are limited to up to 75 percent of project costs. Rebates include $25 for an Energy Star dishwasher, and $50 for an Energy Star, high-efficiency washer. Businesses may apply for the grants and rebates until December 1, 2013.

Fort Collins Utilities is a provider of residential and commercial utilities for residents of Fort Collins, Colorado. Their focus is to protect and preserve the environment in Northern Colorado for current and future residents. They offer incentives for consumers and businesses who are environmentally responsible as well as offering many tips on their web site to help residents conserve both water and energy.

The Platte River Power Authority generates electricity for Northern Colorado residents and businesses.

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