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Energy Reduction Grants Available for Small Businesses in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Energy is an important focus by governments everywhere--local, state and federal. Energy conversation methods, however, can put a strain on small business budgets. So, more and more states are helping out with grant programs that help small businesses keep up with government regulations on energy conservation as well as pollution prevention.

The state of Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection recently opened the application process for small businesses to receive grants of $9,500 each to help cover the cost for pollution prevention and energy efficiency programs. The grant program is called Small Business Advantage Grants and cover one half of the cost for a Pennsylvania small business to purchase equipment necessary to comply with energy efficient or pollution prevention processes.

The grants are offered every year by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection which budgets $1 million for Small Business Advantage Grants. The deadline for small businesses to apply is September 6. To be eligible, small businesses must have 100 or fewer employees.

All for-profit small businesses may apply for the grants. Small businesses must demonstrate that their projects will result in a savings of 25 percent or more for the business and an annual energy consumption savings of $500.

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