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QB3 Offering Workshops on Small Business Grants

California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) is a California-based company that offers 15-hour workshops for small businesses in the life sciences field. The workshops teach entrepreneurs how to apply for and increase their changes of getting grant money from the government.

It is the desire of most entrepreneurs in the field of science to land a grant from the U.S. Small Business Innovation Research program. But applying for a SBIR grant can be challenging. For the last three years, QB3 has been offering workshops for entrepreneurs wanting to start a science research program. The workshops teach them how to successfully file for these coveted government grants.

For new companies in the field of science, start-up costs can be expensive. Government funding not only helps to pay for prototypes and other start-up costs, but it paves the way for these businesses to procure other venture capital funding. Landing a SBIR grant can mean a difference between make or break when it comes to moving forward and growing the company.

QB3 offers three SBIR workshops a year. Sessions generally run from January through March. Start-ups interested in signing up may apply online.

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