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Google Ad Grants Available to Non-Profit Organizations

Google Ad Grants
Google, the most popularly-used search engine in the world, has a program for non-profit organizations called Google Ad Grants. The program provides free Google AdWords advertising to eligible non-profit organizations. The advertising value is limited to $10,000 a month and is available to organizations all around the world.

Why is Google offering the grant? Google wants to help organizations get their message out to the world. The program will help extend public service messages that will have a positive impact on the world.

All ads will appear on the search engine that can be seen by millions of users worldwide. The ad will reflect the non-profit organization's programs and services. Qualifying organizations must be 100% non-profit. For-profit companies, government organizations, schools, hospitals and other academic institutions are not eligible. Also, eligible organizations must be mission-based, not product-based.

Through the Google in-kind AdWords advertising program, non-profits are able to increase their presence on the web and better promote their missions and initiatives.

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