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SBA's FAST Grant Program Deadline is Fast Approaching

SBA FAST Grant Program

If you are a business providing services for small, high-technology enterprises located anywhere in the U.S., you have until April 11, 2014 to apply for a grant offered through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Grants are up to $100,000 per business.

FAST grants are being offered through the SBA Federal and State Technology (FAST) program and is designed to help increase economic growth for small, high-tech businesses. To qualify, applicants must be focused in the area of science and technology. Socially and economically disadvantaged businesses in particular are encouraged to apply.

State and local economic development agencies, business development centers, and colleges and universities may also apply. The program requires matching state funds. If the business meets the criteria at the state level, it may be submitted for a FAST grant. Only one proposal per state may be submitted to the SBA.

Funding for the FAST program is estimated at $2 million, which means that 20 grants are expected to be awarded. Qualifying recipients must be providing technical assistance and other business services to technology-based small business owners.

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