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North Carolina Awards $800,000 in Recycling Grants

Every spring, The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources encourages businesses to help the environment by giving out grants for those who do more than their share to reduce the state's dependence on landfills. This year, the state awarded $800,000 to 32 eligible businesses.

By the end of June, 2014, all 32 businesses will receive their grant awards, ranging from as little as $10,000 to as much as over $70,000. The amount depends on the qualifying company's project, it's impact on the environment, and how much is needed in a matching grant.

Both small and large companies are welcome to participate. They can be manufacturing companies or recycling plants. All companies applying for grants must match at least 50 percent of the grant money.

The grant program is offered by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources through it's Recycling Business Assistance Center. Grants are funded through an annual appropriation from the state's General Assembly. As a result of the state's recycling grant program, more than 84 jobs were created and the state reduced its dependence on using landfills.

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