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General Motors Helps Non-Profits and Communities Across the Country

GM Foundation
Helping communities across the country is part of what General Motors considers their corporate responsibility. If you are a small business owner and a non-profit organization, General Motors may be able to help.

What GM funds

GM provides grants up to $20,000 and over to non-profit organizations whose work falls within GM funding guidelines. This includes education, health and human services, environment and community development. Businesses who apply for grant money must be prepared to clearly define their mission and goals and how they meet grant guidelines.

Companies with innovative ideas

GM is looking for companies who have innovative ideas to solve problems within the four key areas. They must be established organizations who are in a position to follow through once they are funded. Examples of companies who have been funded by GM are Habitat For Humanity, the non-profit organization that builds affordable homes for low-income families and engages family members to participate in the process.

How to apply

Eligible businesses may apply for a grant at any time online. Their application must include their current operating budget, an explanation of the project that needs funding, how the funding will be used, and what impact the project will have on the community.

For more information on GM Foundation grants and how to apply, visit

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