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Bank of Hawaii Demonstrates That Hawaii is a Great Place for Small Businesses -- Read About Their Latest Grants

Bank of Hawaii Grants
For the past three years, the Bank of Hawaii has awarded small businesses with grants of $5,000 each to help small business owners grow. Five small businesses in the Saipan community recently were awarded business grants to support their enterprises and improve economic development in the area. The grants are offered through the I Kinometi Para I KumunidÄt I IslÄ-ta Small Business Revitalization and Development Grants.

Recipients include a wide range of businesses serving the Saipan area. Some are restaurants, others are retail establishments, clothing stores, music schools and sports equipment retail stores. They vary in what they offer, but what they all have in common is that they are small businesses whose presence is important to the community.

The grants are funded through the Bank of Hawaii who is committed to offering their support for small business and economic development. The bank continues to offer grants and other support to small business through financial education and other programs designed to help small business owners.

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