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North Carolina Small Business and Agricultural Grants Will Soon Be Available

North Carolina Small Business And Agricultural Grants Will Soon Be Available

Imagine getting a $10,000 grant to grow your business. If you are a small business owner located in Orange County, North Carolina, you can apply for one soon. Two types of grants will be available for small businesses and farms.

Two grant levels

The grants will include two levels of grants. The smaller level will be for $1,000, and the larger grant level will include grants up to $10,000. Both small business owners and new and existing farmers may apply for the grants. Orange County is a rich agricultural community, so county commissioners wanted to include farmers in the grant program, not just business innovators.

How the program is funded

The grant money is being funded through a 1/4 cent sales tax that was passed in 2011. The tax generates about $2.5 million every year which can be used for economic development as well as education. A total of $160,000 of that fund is being set aside for the grants. The business investment grants will be allotted $100,000, and $60,000 will be set aside for agriculture grants.

County commissioners are still working out the details of the grant program and will announce the results, including how to qualify and apply, after their next meeting in February.

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