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Memphis Company Increasing Support For Small Business By $200 Million

Memphis Company Increasing Support For Small Business By $200 Million
What small businesses need most is cash flow, and this is not easy to get for startups and existing entrepreneurs. Fortunately, small businesses no longer have to rely strictly on banks to help them out. One company in Memphis is increasing their business by $200 million to provide startup and small business funding.

Enoble Business Capital

Memphis-based Enoble Business Capital specializes in financing for small businesses. Not only have they completed more than $111 million in funding to local businesses, but they are strong supporters of minority- and women-owned businesses; 70 percent of their funding goes to this group.

Over the next three years, the company hopes to finance another $200 million to help entrepreneurs in the Memphis area. Both startups and entrepreneurs are eligible to apply for financing, and the much-needed cash flow will help many businesses remain stable and others to grow. In addition to capital, the company can offer event space to small business owners to use for workshops, seminars and banquets.

Enoble's COO and founding partner, Jeffrey Rose, explains, “Thanks to our new expanded service offering, Enoble can now bring our experience and financial infrastructure to help these entrepreneurs accelerate their grow.”


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