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Not a High-Tech Person? Try These 10 Low-Tech Business Ideas

Technology companies and jobs are hot, but not everyone is a high-tech person. If you want to start a business of your own, there are plenty of other areas you can look outside of technology. Many of these jobs entail services that will never become obsolete and will always be in demand.

Examples of low-technology businesses

  1. Personal trainer: This is a hot one due to general concern over health and fitness. Whether you work out of your own home or a gym, personal trainers make good money.
  2. Dog walking/animal sitting: People love their dogs and cats, which creates a need for someone to take care of them while they are travelling on business.
  3. House sitting: This is another job in demand as concerns about crime increase. People will gladly pay to have someone trustworthy watch over their home and valuables.
  4. Handyman: If you are great at fixing things and good with tools, people are always looking for someone who knows what they are doing and don't overcharge for their services.
  5. Translation: This is a great one for people who are fluent in different languages. Businesses, individuals and even government agencies often hire translators to communicate with people in other languages.
  6. Resume writing: This is a popular one. A good resume often gets you the interview, but many talented people are just lousy writers. Good resume writers are in demand.
  7. Car detailing: This isn't just washing a car but giving it a detailed cleaning inside and out. If you enjoy doing this on your own car, maybe you can turn it into a business.
  8. Cleaning business: Cleaning businesses are popping up everywhere. Whether it's residential or business or both, this is a hot job idea with low investment on cleaning supplies and equipment.
  9. Recycling service: Many people like the idea of being environmentally conscious but don't have the time to recycle, especially if their city doesn't pick it up. This can turn into a nice business of picking up recycling materials for a fee and hauling them away for customers.
  10. Tutoring: If you excel in a particular subject, you can turn that into a tutoring business that helps local students with a particular subject, test or area of study.


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