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The Pittsburgh Foundation Introduces New 'Small and Mighty' Grants Program

A new grant program called 'Small and Mighty' has just been launched by the Pittsburgh Foundation. The new program is a direct outgrowth of the foundation’s 100 Percent Pittsburgh initiative that helps Pittsburgh's population who are living in or at-risk of falling into poverty. The new program is designed to give grants to smaller nonprofits who are providing assistance to at-risk families.

Qualifying non-profit organizations must have an operating budget under $600,000 a year. Grants can range from $5,000 to $15,000. The new program has provided funding of $235,000 to 18 small nonprofits in the Pittsburgh region who provide basic needs to people at risk for poverty.

Helping smaller nonprofits

The Pittsburgh Foundation recognized a need to assist the smaller nonprofits who often don't apply for grants through the foundation due to their small size. Now the foundation can help even more at-risk families by awarding grants that fund smaller nonprofits who offer services that make a huge difference in the lives of at-risk citizens.

Some of the small nonprofits who recently received grants through the 'Small and Mighty' program include organizations providing food and clothing to the homeless, 'hope chests' filled with dishes, cookware, bedding and other items for low-income clients, and vouchers for one-time expenses such as enrolling children in sports or activities, or making car repairs.

Recipients are very grateful for the help. Ms. Zellous, who owns Zellous Hope nonprofit, stated, “They made me feel like my dream could really be a reality,” she said. “They didn’t make me feel any different than any big organizations that were there.”

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