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3 Good Reasons To Start a Business In Savannah, Georgia

All small businesses begin with a great idea. Turning the idea into a solid business in another matter. It requires, among other factors, lots of support. Savannah, GA, has 3 great organizations that are prepared to help potential business owners develop a business plan and create a thriving business.

Tony O’Reilly, president of the Small Business Assistance Corporation, recommends the following organizations that provide important services to new or potential business owners that include anything from writing a business plan, to workshops, mentoring, and sourcing for business loans.

The Entrepreneurial Center - funded by the city of Savannah, this organization offers courses on how to start a business. Participants are taught how to develop a business plan, which can then be submitted to the SBAC for possible loans. The strength of this organization is in providing needed services for women and minority owned businesses, and helping entrepreneurs improve their credit scores to help ensure their loan applications are approved.

The SBDC - has helped 80 percent of its clients establish businesses. They work with a network of consultants throughout the state and have access to professional data bases needed to make the marketing and financial projections that lenders will require. The SBDC also offers professional seminars that teach anything from basic Quickbooks to business growth strategy for firms in business at least three years.

SCORE Savannah - is one of 300 local SCORE offices around the country. Initially developed by President Kennedy during the early 1960s to link retired business people with clients who needed help in starting or growing their business, SCORE is now a national non-profit organization. The Savannah chapter has 24 mentors who volunteer to help clients develop a business plan to start or improve their businesses.

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