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Find Small Business Grants for Your Company

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Starting a business is a fickle venture—at any point there are a hundred things that can go wrong, without even mentioning the difficulty most people experience in gathering funding. The financial struggles of a potential business discourage many people, but a substantial few are able to adapt to the perils of building a business. We’re here to help you overcome those initial financial struggles, and a great way to do that is by applying for small business grants. While grants available for small businesses are numerous, many of them are heavily restrictive and apply only to businesses that serve a niche market.
We’ve compiled a helpful list of where to find grants for small businesses because we know just how important local businesses are to a community.

1. Grants.Gov
This website compiles an impressive list of federal funding opportunities for all sorts of businesses. Although you might have to dig to find something that works for your business, this is still a great website to start your research. This site teaches you about grant eligibility, demonstrates how you can apply for grants, and allows you to search through hundreds of available grants. Keep in mind that government agencies administer these grants.

2. The SBA
The U.S. Small Business Administration connects small businesses to award programs and grants. Visit their website to see if you meet the specific requirements to apply for the SBA grant, and be sure to familiarize yourself with their other programs. Boots to Business is a funding grant that finances a business for a 12 month period—other programs have a similar financing structure and application instructions.

3. SBIR and STTR Grant Programs
If your business specializes in scientific research, the STTR grant program might be for you. They invest federal research funds in businesses that lead the way in technological innovation with a highly selective 3-phase program. They partner with the Department of Defense, Energy, and Health & Human Services to deliver grants to select businesses. The SBIR grant program similarly encourages small businesses to engage in federal research to develop science-based products for commercial use. These include businesses with a focus in biomedical technology and others that seek to improve the well-being of citizens in the private sector or deliver life-saving devices.

Whether you know where to find grants for small businesses or you’re absolutely clueless, it’s important to develop a strong brand identity and build confidence in your services. There’s no shortage of grants available for small businesses, and the effort you put into your brand may indeed be rewarded by a grant agency that values your sacrifices. Always remember that it’s the small changes you make that add value to your company and ultimately make it a success.

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