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10 Influential Wildlife Conservation Grants

Wildlife Conservation

Climate change poses a serious threat to wildlife and wild places, and it can no longer be ignored. In order to combat this serious issue, many individuals and groups around the world are working hard to implement projects that help protect animals, plants, and habitats. If you want to make a difference in the world but don’t necessarily have the means, consider applying to any of these wildlife conservation grants.
  1. Disney Conservation Fund
    Disney provides organizations and individuals with funding for environmental passion projects. They encourage others to engage in conversation about solutions that will help save wildlife.
  2. Fund for Wild Nature
    The Fund for Wild Nature funds small groups that recognize the value of wild places and are dedicated to preserving and protecting them.
  3. Fresno Chaffee Zoo Wildlife Conservation Fund
    This organization supports research projects that focus on protecting and preserving wildlife and wild place across the globe. They work with individuals and organizations to further research, expand conservation impact, share knowledge, and motivate local communities.
  4. Brevard Zoo Conservation Fund
    The Brevard Zoo’s mission is “wildlife conservation through education and participation.” They work to fulfill this undertaking by offering grants to conservation organizations.
  5. John Ball Zoo Wildlife Conservation Fund
    The John Ball Zoo has helped conserve wildlife and wild places in over 30 countries by funding education-based projects that help communities learn more about wildlife and how to protect it.
  6. SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund
    This fund has four areas of concentration: species research, habitat protection, conservation education, and animal rescue and rehabilitation. Each year they have different conservation priorities and look for programs and projects that align with these focus areas.
  7. Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation
    Aside from financial support, OTF also offers classroom curriculums, webinars, PowerPoints, and teacher support for those looking to learn more about wildlife conservation.
  8. National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
    The NFWF provides competitive funding opportunities to projects that sustain, restore, and enhance the nation’s fish, wildlife, plants, and habitats. Each available grant has a business plan that outlines the actions a grantee must complete with the financial aid.
  9. The Alongside Wildlife Foundation
    This foundation funds projects that are important but typically overlooked by other funding sources. The grants are awarded to those who work to implement science-based strategies that encourage others to share landscape with wildlife.
  10. Wildlife Conservation Society
    The Wildlife Conservation Society offers seven grant opportunities in the form of funding, fellowships, and leadership programs. Each of these opportunities has a specific focus, such as reptile research or climate adaption.
To learn more about any of the wildlife conservation grants above, click on the specific title—it will redirect you to the respective website.

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