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5 Unique Businesses That Inspire


Many extremely successful companies think outside the box - this is what makes them stand apart from the rest. The following unique businesses are industry trailblazers and continue to find success through innovation. We hope they inspire you grow and develop your own businesses.
The service allows you to stay in someone else’s home for a desired amount of time, and it’s more affordable (and much easier) than booking a hotel. It also makes hosts plenty of money. Airbnb has also become an instrumental part of today’s sharing economy.

Birchbox launched the competitive subscription box industry that’s so prevalent today. They offer a wide selection of beauty products and conveniently ship everything to your home at an affordable monthly price.

Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club took on major razor companies by offering consumers affordable razors in the form of a subscription service. The company is now a massive success and continues to expand its grooming product selection. Other men’s grooming companies - like Harry’s and The Beard Club - have followed in the footsteps of Dollar Shave Club’s success.

Skillshare launched in 2011 and serves as a platform for people who want to learn from industry experts. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a course at a local college, you can spend just $10 a month and learn from a professional through an online service. Skillshare is a unique business that continues to benefit those who thirst for knowledge.

The streaming giant is the king of home entertainment and continues to grow rapidly. Netflix makes their money from subscription plans and is now growing into a fully operational movie studio. Companies like Amazon and Disney are now vying for some of the spotlight in the streaming war.

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