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6 Tips to Help You Increase Productivity at Work

Work productivity

Making the most of your workday can be difficult, especially during that post-lunch, afternoon slump. These six tips will help you increase productivity at work and wow your boss during the next performance review.

Take regular breaks

While you may believe working continuously for your full shift is the key to productivity, it’s more beneficial to take short breaks throughout the day. Take a step away from your computer to help decrease the chances of burnout and give your brain a temporary reprieve from stressful tasks at hand. A short walk around the office to stretch your legs will get your blood pumping, and you’ll return to work with a boost in creativity and concentration.

Stop multitasking

When you have multiple tasks on your plate, it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks. Set your focus on one task at a time, and don’t move onto the next project until you’ve finished the first one. To-do lists are a great way to help you prioritize projects and ensure you stick to one task at a time.

Learn to say no

There are only so many hours in the day. While you want to show you’re a team player, agreeing to help with every single project may cause you to overexert yourself. If you’re asked to help on one of your coworkers’ tasks, take a moment to think critically about your current workload first. If you can spare some time to help, tell your coworker you will be with them shortly and take a few minutes to finish up your current task.

Adhere to the 2-minute rule

The 2-minute rule advises that if a task can be completed in under two minutes, you should do it immediately. Respond to that email or clear out your voicemail while you wait for your next meeting to start. If you adhere to this rule, you can cross a few simple tasks off that to-do list and breathe a little easier.

Clean out the clutter

Even little things, like decluttering your workspace, can lead to a huge increase in productivity at work. Start small, like emptying your trashcan or clearing your desk of unnecessary sticky notes and papers. Cleaning up your workspace and organizing your documents will help decrease anxiety and allow you more space to breathe and think clearly.

Eliminate distractions

Between cell phones, email, and social media, it can be difficult to completely disconnect from your personal life while at work. Turn off app notifications and set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” mode to keep your brain focused on the tasks at hand. Set a specific time during the workday to check your notifications, such as lunch or during an afternoon break, to ensure you haven’t missed out on anything too important.

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