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6 Creative Team Building Exercises for Newly Funded Businesses

Team building exercises

You’ve finally done it - you received your grant and successfully got your business running. You now have employees who look to you for guidance. The strength of your team is what determines how successful this new endeavor will be. To help you lay the foundations for a strong sense of workplace camaraderie, we’ve made a list of team building exercises for your new business.

Typing Test

This is a fun and short way for your employees to test their typing skills and enjoy each other’s company. Find an online typing test and have each employee try their hand at it. Give the person with the highest speed a small prize or a bit of extra break time.

Would You Rather? Business Edition

Would You Rather? is a fun game in which players are given two unpleasant situations and they must decide which one they prefer. Play a round of this with business themed questions. It’s a fun game that also allows you to evaluate your employee’s preferences.

Team Checkers

Have your workers play a game of checkers, but instead of playing a one-on-one game, split everyone into two teams. Choose a leader for each group and see how well they work together to decide on the best moves. You’ll learn how the leaders would react in a situation where they have to decide what’s best for the whole team.

Have a Book Club

Start a work book club with a different novel every month or two. You can pick options that are business related or have an open floor as far as genres go. Also, allow your employees to suggest some of the options so they have a voice. Give everyone enough time to read the book and then set out a chunk of time to discuss it.

Exercise Together

It’s good to take a few minutes at work to get away from a screen and refresh your mind. Carve out one or two small amounts of time each day and invite employees to join you for a short fitness routine or a walk.

Have a Team Breakfast

Bring breakfast to the office once a month so everyone can eat and enjoy each other’s company. This will get the entire office in a good mindset for a productive workday, and they’ll be glad to have an employer that cares about their wellbeing.

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