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How to Optimize Your Business for Productivity

Entrepreneur being productive

Living out your dreams is achievable, perhaps now more than ever. With advances in technology and communication, entrepreneurs can not only make their dreams come true, but take them above and beyond. Whether you’re a new business owner or you want to improve your business’ efficiency, we provide a few ways to optimize your small business for productivity.

Declutter Your Work Space

Clutter is often one of the biggest drains to productivity. Add up all the small moments you spend looking through a cluttered desk or a cluttered computer desktop for a file. Decluttering your workspace, and the entire office, is an easy way to improve your productivity. Three simple steps can help declutter your space in no time:
  • Make digital copies of all the paper on your desk.
  • Remove projects from your work space that are not time sensitive. If you haven’t used something in the last 30 days, you may not need it on your desk.
  • Arrange your desk to optimize your work needs.

Make Your Work Space For Work - Nothing Else

Craft a work space that is optimized for work and nothing else. You want your office to be comfortable, but arranging your office space solely for comfort can have an adverse effect on your productivity. You should create a subconscious connection with your work space that signals, “it’s time to work!”

Prepare Your Computer

So much of your work is done on a computer, so it only makes sense to ensure your computer has everything you need. A few ways to prepare your computer for productivity are:
  • Use software that makes your job easier.
  • Create shortcuts and bookmarks for frequently visited websites and files.
  • Use cloud-based storage for files to prevent data loses.

Find Tools and Apps for Time Tracking and Focus

Your smartphone is either your greatest distraction or your greatest tool. You can learn how to incorporate your smartphone into your productivity regimen. The are several popular smartphone apps that allow you to block notifications and other non-emergency contacts. Find an app that monitors and analyzes your focus when working. There are many tools and software available that keep you at peak performance and prevent you from spending hours on social media.

Automate Your Digital Devices

Automation can help your office boost productivity by removing the need to complete a repetitive task. Let’s say you save a file to a particular folder and then you email the file to your team every day. Automation software can automatically save the file to a predetermined folder and send the email to the group with one click, turning five steps into one. Examine your day, and find opportunities where automation software could help increase productivity.

Use the Proper Hardware for Internet Connectivity

Perhaps the most important step you can take to optimize your office for productivity is to invest in proper internet hardware. Find out if your ISP offers commercial internet speeds capable of handling multiple high-end users. You can find modems and routers at a local electronics store, but depending on your internet consumption, you may need an industrial modem or router. Nearly every aspect of office work, such as phone calls, emails, and video conferencing, is now done over the internet. Don’t make a bad impression because your video call is fuzzy. Use commercial grade equipment to ensure your office stays productive.

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