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How to Adjust Your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

How to Adjust Your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

With the new regulations in place during the COVID -19 pandemic, many businesses are finding that their original 2020 marketing plan is no longer relevant. With the new social distancing requirements and way that doing business has changed, marketing plans may need to adjust in order to be effective in the new world. Check out this guide on how to adjust your marketing strategy during COVID-19.

Focus on online efforts

In-store business won’t work the way it used to, as people are spending less and less time in-store. Focus your marketing efforts online. There are a plethora of options for online marketing. You can utilize social media to reach your target audience through both organic company posts and paid social media advertising. You can also send out promotional emails to keep your customers engaged. Online marketing is essential to keeping your business thriving during these difficult times. Customers need reassurance that your business is open and operating.

Invest in your staff

Now more than ever, customers are paying attention to how companies treat their staff. Be sure to invest in your staff in both payment and safety. Customers care if you’re doing your best to keep your staff employed and safe during this pandemic. Happy employees are also more likely to promote your business to their local friends and family. Word-of-mouth recommendations are, by far, the most coveted and effective. Invest in your staff now, and watch as the community invests in you.

Create a new marketing plan

Many business owners are feeling hesitant to throw out their plans for the year. While it’s great to stay optimistic that things and business will return to how you projected soon, it’s even better to prepare in case it doesn’t spring back the way you’d hoped. Set your old 2020 marketing plan aside, and create a new one that reflects the changes in the community. There are many reasons it’s important to create a marketing plan for your business, such as providing a look into the future and a plan to help you focus your efforts.

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