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The Best Office Paint Colors to Promote Productivity

The Best Office Paint Colors to Promote Productivity

Choosing a wall color for your office is far more important than you may think. Wall colors aren’t just a matter of what looks good, but what color will promote productivity. Yes, that's right—the right colors can promote productivity in your office. Everyone perceives color slightly differently, but the influence color has on our psychology is universal. Color psychologist Angela Wright has studied the correlation between colors and behavior for years, with a focus on the four primary colors. Wright’s research has aided in determining the best office paint colors to promote productivity.


If the work in your office is highly repetitive and requires employees to always be at the top of their game, blue is a great color to stimulate productivity. Blue promotes stimulation and productivity, although adding a splash of a secondary color is important to bring balance to the room and avoid creating a cold, overly focused work environment. 


Red evokes a sense of physical urgency. If you’re looking to repaint an office space, red may not be the best color to utilize, but it will have more success in high-urgency and physical jobs such as retail sales. 


Yellow colors stimulate emotions. Specifically, yellow can evoke feelings of happiness. This can come in handy for creative businesses such as advertising and graphic design agencies looking to boost creative productivity.


Green provides a strong sense of balance and reassurance. For a financial business, green may be the perfect color to balance any employee stress that may be creating drops in productivity.

Secondary Colors 

Secondary colors mix the properties of two primary colors. For example, orange is a combination of the happy passion that yellow elicits and the energy and urgency of red. This color can complement a blue office by bringing a positive balance to the mind stimulation that blue hues create. 


When you’re looking to paint your office a new production-raising color, saturation is important to keep in mind. Bright and vibrant colors are known to be stimulating, whereas less saturated colors are more soothing. Based on your business's culture, needs, and employee work habits, finding the right balance between stimulating and soothing hues is imperative to workplace production.

Painting your office can be a simple way to boost productivity. However, not all offices are the same. Consider the type of work your employees are doing and what emotions need to be elicited for increased productivity. Often, a combination of colors and hues will create the best office paint colors to promote productivity. When the time is right, be sure to reach out to a commercial painting company to ensure a quality paint job for your business.

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