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Tips for Decorating Your Desk at Work

Tips for Decorating Your Desk at Work

Even if you don’t sit at your desk for eight consecutive hours, you spend a lot of time there. Day after day, week after week, you sit at your desk and look at the same boring space. As much time is spent at work as at home, so you should decorate your workspace just like home. Don’t go crazy and start spending boatloads of money on decorations. If you bring it in, eventually you will have to move it out, and moving an office can be stressful. Be that as it may, bring some of your own personality and style to work to make things more appealing and comfortable. Try using some of these tips for decorating your desk at work and have fun with it.

Hang a Wire

Sure, you can buy picture frames and stand them up the desk. That still works. Instead, though, you could run a wire from one corner of the cube to another and use clips to hold pictures. It’s the old “fireplace and Christmas card” trick at work. You can have more pictures and change them out from time to time a lot easier. It’s a good way to remind yourself of why you work so hard.

Plants Are Necessary

Bring in some real plants for your desk, especially if you work near a window. It’s been proven that having organic life around you boost mood and improves the ambiance of the office. If you don’t have a green thumb, then get a cactus—they are almost impossible to kill.

Fun Magnets or Push Pins

These are little ways to bring some color and fun into your cubicle even if you’re not planning on a full makeover. Instead of the usual pushpins or free calendar magnet, find fun ones on Etsy to liven things up. It’s a cheap way to make a statement that won’t dominate the space.

Change Your Mug

An underrated form of self-expression is the coffee mug. Most people have their own mug at work and keep it there. It cuts down on waste and saves the company money and the environment. Get an oversized and colorful mug and trade in the boring dark blue one. It sits on your desk half empty all day, anyhow.

Theme Decorations

If you want to go to the next level, have different themed decorations for your cube. There are the obvious ones for Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. In addition, you can decorate on May 4th in a Star Wars motif or do a baseball theme on opening day. Express yourself by decorating your desk at work for no reason at all, just because it’s Tuesday.

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