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How To Manage a Gift Card Program


How To Manage a Gift Card Program

When it comes to food, you want to serve the best cuisine around! But, having delicious food made from quality products does not always get customers through your doors. If you need some fresh ways to increase your profits as a restaurant, look no further. Here is how to manage a gift card program.

Gift Cards—Explained

Gift cards are a great investment. The cards themselves are relatively inexpensive, especially recyclable ones that you receive back from the customer when they have spent the complete balance. Gift cards also create loyalty and encourage customers to gift their friends and family with a meal at your eatery. It is a subtle truth that when you see something is available, you are more likely to buy it. So, when customers know that buying a gift card is an option at your restaurant, they are more likely to consider giving one to a friend or family member.

Design and Display Them Well

Some suppliers allow you to design or customize your cards, so be sure to add your logo to your gift cards and use colors that match your overall business theme. Depending on the layout of your restaurant, you may have a counter or space at the host stand where you can display your gift cards. Also, try including inserts or blurbs in your menu about your new gift cards. When you have invested in a gift card program, you want to make the offer as visible as possible, so people will start buying them.

Get Technical

Gift cards are simple to implement, but there are also some finer points to know. When operating a gift card program, you need to have a point of sale software that can manage the technology behind the scenes. A quality POS system will allow you to track gift cards and their balances, so you do not have to hold customers up during checkout. Also, be aware of gift card expiration laws and how they apply to your gift card program.

By understanding how to manage a gift card program, you can begin planning how best to start your own. Keep these ideas in mind when you start and do not hesitate to contact your POS system manufacturer with any questions.

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