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Subtle Ways To Show Customers You Value Them

Subtle Ways To Show Customers You Value Them

The modern customer is no longer merely seeking a convenient way to exchange money for goods. By using subtle ways to show customers you value them, entrepreneurs can engage more personally. Businesses are expected to connect with their customers and interact emotionally. Those that leave a lasting impression can retain customer interest.

Reinvest Where Your Customers Touch

One of the most low-key ways to say thank you to customers is to put earnings right back into your business. Invest in areas your customers must interact with. By raising the accessibility of a business, owners can make it even easier for customers to shop. For an online business, that means upgrading the eCommerce store. Besides amping the attractiveness of the site, focus on optimization for the end-user experience. That means quick loading times, logical navigation, and a conversion point that goes off without a hitch.

For physical stores, appearance is much more relevant. Customers will feel more at ease in a store that looks modern and clean. Registers also are expected to be up to date and work quickly and easily. Most businesses are just expected to have features like free Wi-Fi as well. Besides indoor conveniences, the parking lot must be up to snuff. Ensure these are properly maintained with clear markings, signage, and the paving is in good condition.  

Reward Customers for Returning

 Other subtle ways to show customers you value them include providing better incentives to return. Loyalty programs are nothing new—but, surprisingly, they’re not as common as they should be. There are many ways to go about this and often they have the added benefit of encouraging customers to join a mailing list. The most common variety is a simple punch card, and after so many punches customers get a free item or service.

Digital membership is an easy alternative to programming and handing out expensive membership cards. This form of rewards program usually gives a small discount on every purchase or some form of a special rebate. Besides this, businesses can reward and engage customers by offering digital events and offerings geared towards loyal customers.

Personalize Outbound Goods

For brick-and-mortar stores, this is a little trickier. Since customers will be face to face with a representative of your business, there isn’t an opportunity for the surprise angle. Instead, they can be directly presented with any samples along with a heartfelt thank you message delivered by your employee.

Besides freebies, customers can also be informed of the value they receive and can be offered brochures and similar promotional items. Reading material, or gifts such as branded pens, remind customers of the positive experience they had and encourage them to keep coming back.

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