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4 Ways To Make Your Coffee Shop Stand Out From the Rest

4 Ways To Make Your Coffee Shop Stand Out From the Rest

Whether it’s a small shop frequented by regulars or a luxurious café visited by locals and tourists alike, coffee shops are everywhere. While coffee and tea is a lucrative business venture, many owners struggle to set their shop apart from the sea of others. Though it may seem impossible at first, the feat is achievable! Here are four ways to make your coffee shop stand out from the rest.


The old real estate adage rings true for coffeehouses, too. When searching for a building or lot to establish your café, look for something in an advantageous location. Whether it’s close to the expressway, in a business district, near a college, or close to popular tourist destinations, these locales are ideal for setting up shop.

Creative Menu Items

Anybody can get a coffee and donut from anywhere. One of the ways to make your coffee shop stand out from the rest is to consider menu items that will set your shop apart. Think about your heritage or the heritage of people in your shop’s locale. Horchata lattes, Mexican hot chocolate, French café au lait, Moroccan mint tea, and Cuban café con Leche are all winning ideas. You can also add unique menu items like lavender blends and baked goods, gourmet donuts, and gelato. Finally, offering vegetarian and vegan-friendly options may help in setting your shop apart from the rest.


Many times, a coffee shop’s vibe keeps customers coming back. You don’t need a brand-new shop to make it a hit: you can create a wow factor with an old building, too. Reclaimed wood floors, tin ceilings, and unique light fixtures set a cozy yet luxurious mood.

Another way to set your shop apart is to hang commissioned artwork on the walls and consider having a gallery space. This allows local artists to gain recognition and potentially sell their pieces and allows your shop to invest in the community.

In addition, a creative way to bring art and function into your coffee shop is through chalkboards. Whether it’s an old-school chalkboard hung behind the counter, framed chalkboard contact paper, or mini chalkboards scattered throughout the space, chalk is an excellent way to show off art skills and advertise your goods. A large chalkboard could display menu items, while smaller chalkboards feature daily specials. Chalk markers are a fan favorite for creating these professional displays.


The best coffee shops have all the right equipment. Set your shop apart by investing in quality equipment and ensuring your staff has everything they need to concoct delicious treats. Some of the most important equipment coffee shops need are:

  • Top-of-the-line espresso machines
  • Industrial coffee grinders
  • Coffee makers—automatic drip, pour-over carafes, and French Presses
  • Industrial blenders
  • Commercial ovens and toasters

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