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Ways To Improve Air Quality in Your Office Building


Ways To Improve Air Quality in Your Office Building

The role that air quality plays in creating an effective and productive work environment should never be underestimated. If you often find your building feeling stiff and stale, struggling to accommodate changes in the weather, or not doing a good job of keeping the air clean, consider these ways to improve air quality in your office building.

Eliminate Airway Blockages

It’s easy to overlook ventilation air ducts and other similar aspects of the building. It’s extremely common for airways to be blocked by furniture, boxes, and other materials. This blockage not only prevents the air from flowing freely through the room but it affects the ventilation of other areas of the office as the air is redirected and pushed elsewhere. Simply eliminating obstacles will allow the air to flow throughout a room properly and prevent stagnation.

Improve the HVAC

Maintenance of your HVAC is the most obvious and important way to improve air quality in your office building. In particular, we recommend keeping in mind that “one size fits all” does not apply to HVAC systems. Additionally, the benefits of custom duct fabrication for your specific office building can do wonders to improve the air quality by making a more efficient and durable ventilation system.

Eliminate Moisture

Water and moisture present major issues when trying to maintain air quality. If moisture is allowed to build up, it creates the perfect environment for micro-organisms such as mold and fungi to breed. Not only does this create a gross, musty smell throughout your offices, but some of these microbes can be hazardous to employee health if allowed to get into the air. Make sure to clean up any spills quickly and regularly inspect the plumbing of your building for leaks.

Dispose of Garbage

Garbage can be a bit tricky. You need a place to dispose of refuse, but garbage bins can quickly become a source of foul odors. Garbage cans with lids can help contain odors but ensure that you establish the practice of emptying the garbage every day—whether it’s full or not—to prevent odors from lingering and getting the chance to take root within the building.

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