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Tips for Redesigning Your Product Packaging


Tips for Redesigning Your Product Packaging

If you’ve noticed that customers often choose your competitors’ products, it may be time for a redesign. Product packaging redesigns are essential for keeping brands relevant and modern. To learn crucial tips for redesigning your product packaging, continue reading the article below.

Don’t Make Your New Packaging Unfamiliar

One of the most common mistakes businesses make during a redesign is making too many changes. When you unveil your new packaging to customers, you want your packaging to look modern and professional, not entirely unfamiliar.

If loyal customers don’t recognize your product after its redesign, they’re more likely to ignore your product on shelves. 

Don’t work against the brand recognition you’ve created for your company. Instead, develop a redesign that builds on your original and successful design.

Collect Customer Feedback

Before redesigning your product packaging, evaluate which elements of your current packaging are successful. For example, if customers enjoy a particular aspect of your packaging, such as the colors, materials, or custom labels, you shouldn’t tamper with these features.

The best way to know what elements of your packaging customers enjoy is to ask them. Before starting a redesign, offer customers a chance to submit their feedback to you. Through surveys and questionnaires, businesses can collect quality feedback to focus their redesign.

Keep It Simple

When companies redesign their packaging, their new design should look confident, modern, and sophisticated. Rather than plastering additional illustrations or colors onto custom labels, businesses should consider simplifying their labels.  

Minimalistic labels are a more modern trend. When brands publish packaging that embraces this minimalist aesthetic, customers often perceive these products as more professional and confident.

Instead of overwhelming customers by adding layers and layers of details to grab their attention, companies should use clear images and legible fonts for their labels. A simplified redesign will symbolize your customers’ confidence in your brand recognition and reputation.

Incorporate Eco-Friendly Elements  

Packaging redesigns are also an ideal opportunity for businesses to consider how they might make their packaging more sustainable. Small changes, such as using recyclable materials, soy-based inks, and condensed packaging, can decrease a company’s ecological footprint. Customers will appreciate these environmentally conscious changes, and businesses can have peace of mind knowing that they’re practicing a sustainable business model.  

A redesign can be highly beneficial for businesses to reignite customers’ interest in their products. But before you get started, look over these tips for redesigning your product packaging. These tips will help your company avoid common errors and create a successful rebrand.

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