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Top Tools All Graphic Designers Must Have

Top Tools All Graphic Designers Must Have

Do you have an interest in graphic design? Is it an interest large enough to inspire you to make a career out of it? There are lots of steps involved in starting a business, even starting as a freelance graphic designer. Where do you start? First, let’s look at the top tools all graphic designers must have.

Creative Software

This one is crucial. To design efficiently and open up your creativity box, you must acquire the necessary creative software. You can start with free online software, but those can only take you so far; you get what you pay for with those. Remember that you must be comfortable spending money to make money.

Many programs can help you with any graphic design goal you have, including:

  • Adobe Suites
  • Sketch
  • Vectr
  • Canva

These programs are a few things to get you started in your freelance graphic design business. If you don’t have professional designing experience, Canva is a great tool to help you learn the basics of graphic design. Although it’s free, you can subscribe to their premium service for more options and tools.


All artists and business owners alike need a notebook. A simple notebook that keeps your ideas, business numbers, and more is perhaps the cheapest thing you’ll buy on your list of designer tools.

Laptop or Desktop

Graphic design is here to stay in the digital space, which means you may need to purchase a laptop or desktop to be successful in this career. Macs are the best option for designers due to the built-in processors and programs that make designing a breeze. Find the computer that’s right for you and your budget!

Tablet and Stylus

Although you may not always have your laptop on you, it’s a good idea to have a tablet and stylus with you in addition to your notebook. Your notebook can be for ideas, and your tablet can be for quick sketches if you so wish.

Having the ability to offer clients your work on the spot is an efficient and easy way to move your business forward.


Behance is a social media platform for artists and designers to showcase their work, get inspiration, and network with other creators. This system is an easy way to dip your toes in the graphic design world and see where your inspiration takes you.

High-Quality Printer

Every good graphic designer must have a high-quality printer. Depending on which route you take your graphic design business, you may need to print out your work to sell to others. With a high-quality printer, you can easily prepare your project for printing.

Productivity Software

As a graphic designer, you’ll be sitting at your desk for hours at a time, which may make you a little antsy after a while. But if you have a deadline coming up, it’s important to keep track of your projects.

Stay focused with productivity software to manage your different projects and stay on task. There are many apps and sites you can use to help you stay focused.

By purchasing the top tools all graphic designers must have, you’ll ensure your business’ positive and profitable future.

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