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Ways To Make Your Business More Accessible

Ways To Make Your Business More Accessible

 Have you stopped to consider how accessible your business is? Let’s take a look at ways to make your business more accessible. Applying a few fundamental changes will allow your business to create an accessible, friendly environment and welcome more customers.

Train Your Employees

Teach and train your employees to be empathetic towards people who have disabilities. Staff should have patience towards a customer who has trouble with communication. Have pen and paper available and ready for a customer who is deaf.

Clear Aisles

Keep your aisles clear from clutter for customers with disabilities to move freely throughout your business. The clear aisles will also prevent people from tripping over products.

Provide ADA Compliant Parking

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 2010 compiled rules to outline how businesses can better serve their customers with disabilities. Your parking lot must provide a specific number of spaces and an adequate amount of space for certain stalls. If you’re unsure that your parking lot is ADA compliant, reach out to experts who can answer your questions regarding your lot.

Examine Your Entrance

Is your front door wide enough for a wheelchair? Do you provide an automatic door option for those who have a tough time manually opening a door? If your business doesn’t have any accessible options, it’s time to think about adding them. Add a ramp if you only have stairs, expand your doorways, and install automatic doors. All of these ideas will help customers with strollers and wheelchairs to easily access your business.

Provide Better Lighting

A dimly lit business can deter a person who has trouble with sight. Provide a well-lit establishment for visually impaired customers so they can see your products and pricing. Using loud noises and bright lights can negatively affect potential customers. Set aside quiet zones for consumers who need a moment.

Accessible Printed Material

You may want to think about printing business cards and flyers with braille. If you have a restaurant, consider printing a few menus with braille ready for any person dining in that’s visually impaired.

When you implement these ways to make your business more accessible, you’ll provide a company that’s more inclusive and accessible.

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