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Reasons Why Reception Is Poor in Your Office Building


Reasons Why Reception Is Poor in Your Office Building

You don’t want your employees on their phones all day. Still, times are changing, and many people need their phones to accomplish their jobs. Stay ahead of the game and allow your workers to keep up with daily challenges and expectations when you improve the signal in your office. There are a few reasons why reception is poor in your office building. Learn more ahead.

Proximity to Cell Towers

One of the main reasons you may experience poor cell reception is the location of your building. Cell towers are located throughout the country with more centered near cities and major traffic zones. Frequencies travel from towers through the air in waves and become weaker the further they get from their source. Understanding bidirectional amplifiers can help you improve reception. Use signal boosters throughout your building.

Building Materials

The other main reason reception might be poor at your office is the building itself. Some materials make it difficult for you to receive cell frequencies. You may find dead zones in specific areas of the building such as stairwells, elevators, and basements. Building materials that may cause poor cell reception include:

  • Metal
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Tinted glass

Natural Surroundings

Sometimes, your building’s natural surroundings can impede reception. Tall trees or other buildings may block the signal from a nearby tower.

Access to Wi-Fi

The best solution to poor cell reception in your building is having a strong Wi-Fi connection. Allow your staff to hook up to a stable internet connection to prevent lapses in communication.

The main reasons why reception is poor in your office building may be due to the materials it’s made from or your proximity to a cell tower. You can avoid dead zones with Wi-Fi and signal boosters. Talk to people in your area about their providers to ensure you work with the best.

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