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Tips To Create an Attractive Benefits Package for Employees

Experts aren’t calling this time “The Great Resignation” for nothing. Many employees are leaving their jobs and seeking employment at companies that can offer them something more valuable.

Whether you’re bringing in new employees or looking to make the workplace better for your current team, follow these tips to create an attractive benefits package for employees.

Analyze Cost vs. Benefits

Before you consider how you’ll adjust the benefits package, you must analyze the cost/benefits you currently have.

Which benefits provide the most value for employees, and which ones sit in the budget unused? Consider which benefits your teams will use and eliminate/add from there.

This will ensure you save money while building an almost-perfect benefits package that will make applicants flock to your business.

Provide Remote Work Benefits

More people are looking for remote work due to the desire to spend more time at home. As more remote jobs become available, you want to ensure you set up your WFH staff for success by providing them with childcare programs, funds for faster Wi-Fi, and upgraded equipment.

While some companies offer in-office supplies, like a notebook, pen, or desk plant, you give them something valuable—a path to more efficient remote work.

Ask for Feedback

One of the best ways to build a competitive benefits package is by asking your current employees what they want. By handing the microphone over, you show your employees that you genuinely value their time and effort.

Perhaps they want a more robust healthcare package—it may seem financially ineffective, but maintaining employee retention will benefit your company over time.

Increase PTO Hours

Let’s face it, one of the first things candidates look for in “company benefits” is how many PTO days the business offers them.

Offering your employees a generous number of PTO hours can improve overall job satisfaction; that’s just one of the many reasons to encourage employees to use PTO.

While 10 days is the national average PTO hours, 10 days isn’t enough time away from work for people to improve their mental health. If your budget allows for it, try offering at least 14 days in addition to volunteer time, holidays, and sick days.

The above tips for creating an attractive benefits package for employees will be your guide to improving employee retention and bringing in more team members!

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