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How Office Design Can Impact Your Business


How Office Design Can Impact Your Business

Workplace decor can subtly influence the mood and productivity of your employees. Many impactful choices can affect the psychology of each employee. How do you know which office design choice is best for your business? Check out how office design can impact your business for better or worse.

Open Office Spaces

It’s the twenty-first century, and the days of sitting hunched over your computer in a cramped cubicle are over. There’s a heated debate over whether offices should be open or closed. Each format has its benefits and drawbacks.

Open office spaces offer greater opportunities for collaboration and accountability. Collaboration is as simple as leaning over to share your project. When people are under a manager’s supervision, they’re on their best behavior. It’ll be difficult for your employee to watch YouTube at work since everyone can see what they’re doing.

Closed Office Spaces

However, some employees complain that open office spaces are too loud. They can also interrupt the worker in the middle of a deep work session.

It would be wise to integrate both open and closed design as a solution to this problem. Keep the main floor open but offer employees rooms for solitary work sessions if they feel like there’s too much noise in the main area.

There’s also the option of dividing the open and closed spaces by occupation. In this case, graphic designers would have open workspaces since they’re more likely to collaborate with their peers. On the other hand, software engineers need to sit and concentrate for extended periods without interruption.

Objects and Interior Decor

Now that we’ve covered how you should arrange your office space, what do you fill it with? As a general rule, your employees should be comfortable. Since they’ll be sitting for long periods, make sure the seating is comfortable. Uncomfortable seating arrangements can be distracting.

You can use anything and everything to create a work positive work environment. You can even benefit from having a custom logo doormat at your entryway, which you should retrofit to reflect your company’s brand.

Also, the color of the walls can impact the mental state of your employees, so choose wisely. For instance, yellow is an excellent color for creativity, while blue is a soothing color that promotes trust.

While it’s not an exhaustive list, these are examples of how office design can impact your business.

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