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Where To Place Shopping Baskets To Increase Sales


Where To Place Shopping Baskets To Increase Sales

The placement of shopping hand baskets is an overlooked detail that has the potential to significantly impact sales for your store. Having these items at the entrance is common, but strategically arranging your shopping baskets offers an advantage in increasing the likelihood of customers making a purchase. Keep reading to learn where to place shopping baskets to increase sales and enhance the shopping experience for clientele.

Go Beyond the Entrance

Contrary to the belief that it is best to keep shopping baskets at the entrance, it’s more beneficial to place these items further into your store to promote sales. Customers are more likely to pick up a basket when they are investigating their surroundings during the shopping process instead of when they first enter the store. It’s also likely that your customers won’t realize they require a shopping basket until they’re past the entrance and not feel willing to travel back to the front of the store to grab one.

Use Multiple Locations

Customers often end up buying items that are not on their original shopping list. If you place shopping baskets in multiple locations around the store, this helps encourage shoppers to continue making purchases. If you limit your store’s shopping baskets to one area, a customer with their hands full is less likely to continue shopping and will head for the checkout sooner.

Follow the 3-Item Rule

If a customer is holding at least three items, make it a rule for an employee to offer them a shopping basket. The convenience of being offered a shopping basket instead of searching for one makes the customer more likely to continue their shopping. The positive gesture also helps improve the customer service experience of your store.

Be sure your shopping baskets are accessible for those who have trouble bending or lifting to keep the convenience of your store inclusive. Knowing where to place shopping baskets will increase sales by accommodating your customers and enhancing their shopping experience.

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