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Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Landscaping Business


Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Landscaping Business

If you enjoy working outside and find the prospect of being your own boss attractive, you may want to consider starting your own landscaping business. Already in the startup process and not sure what you need to do? Avoid these mistakes when starting a landscaping business so that you can be as efficient as possible with your resources.

Ignoring Marketing

If people don’t know about your business, they won’t call you. To get your name out in the community, you need to market yourself. Consider your target demographic, then pursue marketing strategies capable of reaching your audience.

Not Answering the Phone

As a new business, every customer is vital. If someone hears about your business and calls you but doesn’t get a response, they’re going to take their business somewhere else. To avoid this problem, make sure you have your work phone with you and ensure that you can hear the ringtone at all times.

Overspending on Equipment

New businesses often have limited funds, which means every penny counts. Before you buy new equipment, carefully consider whether it is more cost-effective to own or rent the item. You should consider the overall cost, the frequency of use, and whether the equipment contributes meaningfully to your business.

Ignoring Maintenance

Once you have your essential equipment, make sure to take care of it so that it stays in proper working order for as long as possible. For expensive equipment, you may also want to take out a warranty. It will cost more up front but could save you money in the long term.

Maintaining Your Vehicle

It’s very likely you’ll need a truck to pull most of your equipment around to each site. You should pay special attention to your truck because it satisfies a crucial need in your business plan. If you plan on hauling equipment inside your truck, get waterproof seat covers to protect the upholstery.

Forgiving Late Payments

One of the most common mistakes you should avoid when starting a landscaping business is being too gracious with late payments. If a loyal customer forgets to pay you once in a while, that’s not a reason to drop their contract. However, late or missing payments from new and one-time clients are a sign that you shouldn’t be working with them anymore.

A landscaping business is a great way to make money if you like design and being outdoors. Get your business off to a great start by avoiding these costly mistakes.

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