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Common Causes of Winter Commercial Fires


Common Causes of Winter Commercial Fires

Despite the cold and snow, commercial fires can still break out during the winter months. In fact, the winter season has its own unique fire threats that businesses should watch out for. Keep reading to discover some of the most common causes of commercial fires during the winter and how to prevent them.

Faulty Heating Systems

From central heating through HVAC units to portable space heaters, many businesses rely on multiple sources of heat during the winter. These heating systems make work more comfortable, especially when working in spaces with little insulation, but they can also pose commercial fire risks.

Be sure to schedule an appointment for your building’s HVAC before the temperatures start to drop. Additionally, always use caution and be aware while using space heaters in your workshop or any type of space. Never use space heaters on carpet or near loose fabrics or combustible items. Negligent space heater use is a huge cause of winter fires.

Electrical Problems

As the winter season approaches and the days start to get shorter, you will rely on electrical light sources more heavily this time of year, both at home and in the office. Watch your electrical cable usage closely around the office and workspace. Do not leave cables under rugs or in high-traffic areas where people will tread on them. Worn cables and frayed wires can pose big fire risks in any space.

Even the joyful strings of holiday lights decorating your office or retail store can pose electrical risks. Never plug multiple strings of lights into the same electrical source unless you are using a surge-protected power strip. Too many business owners try to plug multiple electronics into an extension cord or outlet, which can cause overheating.

Office Kitchen Fires

While office kitchens can pose a fire threat year-round, your employees are likely using the kitchen more often this time of year. Frequent trips to the coffee machine or the kitchen oven to warm up holiday party meals can lead to accidents. Practice safe office kitchen habits by never leaving appliances unattended while in use and regularly scheduling maintenance for your kitchen appliances.

While many commercial buildings have built-in measures such as intumescent coatings to protect them from fires, you should still avoid these common causes of winter commercial fires. Even in the winter, commercial fires can be devastating to your employees and business, so remember to stay safe and practice fire prevention techniques.

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