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Side Jobs for Nurses To Earn Extra Money


Side Jobs for Nurses To Earn Extra Money

While many nurses and medical professionals earn solid wages and pay, there are still many who take on second jobs to help pay for things like student debt. Nursing is a profession where it’s common for many people to moonlight—take on a second job that works around their primary job.

There are many things to know before moonlighting, but most importantly, you should know that it’s not for everyone, as it can be a tremendous strain. But if you’re a nurse looking for a side job to earn extra money, we’ve got some ideas below.

Telehealth Nurse

The pandemic has brought on many changes in the health-care industry, and telehealth is one of those new trends that looks like it’ll stick around. The emerging telehealth industry is for people who don’t want to or physically can’t visit a doctor’s office, and they would rather have a physician or nurse evaluate them over video.

Telehealth is becoming more common yearly, and many companies need more nurses and medical professionals to keep up with the growing demand. It’s an ideal job for nurses, as many telehealth companies allow professionals to work around their schedules, and they can work from home.

Blogger/Health Writer

Do you like writing down your thoughts on social media or in your personal journal at the end of the day? You could get paid for those thoughts and expertise by becoming a freelance blogger and health writer!

Health and wellness writing is a huge online business—many websites, blogs, and publications are always on the hunt for nurses and other medical professionals with the experience and authority needed to speak on prevalent health-care issues. Many medical websites also need writing help for informational content, so there are plenty of opportunities for the writing-inclined nurse.

Course Instructor

Another way that nurses can use their expertise and experience when off the clock is by becoming an instructor for classes like CPR and first aid. It doesn’t take much training to get certified as a CPR or first aid instructor, and for many nurses, it’s a simple review.

Instructors for these classes typically work nights and teach medical students or companies who hire instructors to certify their employees in CPR and first aid. It can be a lucrative side hustle for many medical professionals and is easy for those who like to teach.


Not sure where to start? Ask around at the YMCA or other health-focused community organizations about offering first aid or CPR courses for you to teach.


Another side job for nurses to earn extra money is by becoming part-time caregivers. Home health companies are always looking to hire new caregivers as more and more people require medical help at home due to age, illness, or injury.

For nurses, that means many can work freelance or join a caregiving company and choose their hours. Plus, the strong demand for caregivers means it’s a well-paying but relatively easy side job for many nurses.

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